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Anston is capable of producing a wide variety of landscape features, urban furniture and architectural concrete elements to beautify any residential or commercial landscape.

“We have enjoyed featuring Anston products in our gardens for many years. They are a dream product to incorporate into garden designs.”

Rob Waddell, Waddell Landscape Design


Concrete spheres provide the opportunity to add elegance and intrigue to any landscape, be it a formal, structured garden or modern architectural design. Available in all Anston colours, our spheres can be further customised by stencilling of letters, numerals or graphics onto the shot-blasted surface.

Sizes available: 300 Ø / 400 Ø / 500 Ø / 600 Ø

Concrete Furniture

The placement of outdoor furniture enriches the relationship between user and landscape, providing places for respite where people can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Customers can choose their desired size of concrete bench seat to suit their individual requirements, selecting from Anston’s range of concrete bench tops and bench legs. Spheres are also available as a bench leg option, creating a harmonious balance between straight and curved edges.

Larger format bench seats and concrete blocks are also available for commercial applications. Please contact us to learn more.

Concrete Planters

Structure, elegance and durability are key characteristics of Anston concrete planters. Available in round or rectilinear forms, our concrete planters are available in all Anston colours in a light, medium or heavy shot-blasted finish.

Circular sizes

DiameterHeightWall Thickness

Rectilinear sizes

LengthWidthHeightWall Thickness

Custom Products

For clients searching for a unique solution, the Anston team can help. We specialise in the transition of ideas from paper to production, and our team of trained staff can assist in bringing your 2D concept to life.

Whether you need a custom shape, colour or material, we encourage you to get in touch with us early in the design process so we can help you workshop your idea. Our design and fabrication teams will be able to recommend the most effective methods to help you achieve your bespoke design.

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