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Beautiful Vega concrete paving by Anston Architectural in the private balconies at United Places, Botanic Gardens.

Pedestal Paving: What You Need To Know

Pedestal paving is becoming increasingly popular in the architecture and landscape industry, as it provides a number of immediate benefits that simply aren’t available when …

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A Guide to Laying Concrete Pavers - Anston Architectural & Anthony Scott Landscape Design

A Video Guide to Laying Pavers

Anston has partnered with landscape designer and TV presenter Anthony Scott (The Home Team, Channel Ten) to produce an easy-to-follow video guide demonstrating the best …

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Exposed Aggregate Pavers

Anston Architectural is pleased to announce the re-release of Ironstone exposed aggregate pavers within our extensive suite of products. The original four Ironstone colours were …

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Redeveloping Waymouth Street

The City of Adelaide and its residents take outdoor dining very seriously. With its often-idyllic climate, the streets of Adelaide are lined with restaurants and …

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Anston pavers installed in a SA residence.

How To Keep Your Pavers Looking Great

You’ve invested a whole lot of time and money into selecting the perfect paving solution for your landscape design. There were so many things to consider …

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The New History of Acland Street, St Kilda

“Every success is the sum of all its parts.” – James Stirton, Precinct Director, CoPP” An alliance between the City of Port Phillip, Public Transport …

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