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Anston is proud to be the only Australian supplier to offer a reinforced pedestal paving solution, which has been designed specifically for pedestal applications.

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Anston’s reinforced pedestal pavers incorporate a sturdy, reinforced steel framework within the body of the paver, providing extra protection against breakage from impacts. Our pedestal system ensures that any cracking in the paver’s surface will not compromise the structural integrity of the paver, as the steel frame will firmly hold the body of the paver in place. The security of this added reinforcement is a feature that simply isn’t available in natural stone products, and is only possible in a hand-crafted, engineered paver.

Available in over 40 sizes, our pedestal paving can be made in all 25 Anston colours and finishes. Enjoy the full range of benefits of using Anston reinforced pavers on a pedestal system, with reliable built-in security to bring you peace of mind.

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Using a pedestal system, you can install pavers without the use of additional materials such as grout and adhesives.

Want additional security for pedestrians? Choose our reinforced pavers, which provide structural integrity and prevent full breakage of the paving.  With a diverse range of colours and sizes, you can choose reinforced pedestal pavers according to your project’s needs and requirements.

What Are The Advantages Of A Pedestal Paving System?

A paver on pedestal system consists of multiple pavers installed on top of pedestal supports, which raise the height of pavers above the sub-base. This system is commonly used to construct strong and sturdy elevated flooring over waterproof membranes. Due to the absence of grout, the pedestal pavement prevents water entrapment and effectively reduces heat conductivity, thus keeping the membrane from expanding due to excessive heat. The even uniform gaps between pavers allow water to drain between the tiles, and the drainage grade is incorporated at the sub-base, meaning that the finished level of pavers on pedestals can become a completely level paved surface. Additional services can be concealed beneath the paving and easily accessed when required by simply lifting individual pavers off the pedestals as required.

At Anston, we offer a diverse range of pedestal paving products to our customers. Designed for installation specifically with pedestal paving systems, our pedestal pavers are highly versatile, aesthetically pleasing and equipped with an in-built safety feature that protects pedestrians from the risk of injury.

Pedestal Paver Installation

Pedestal systems are most commonly used in commercial buildings and high-rise apartments where they are installed on balconies and roof terraces. However, there is no limit on the types of spaces that can utilise a pedestal paving system. We have previously supplied our pedestal paving  for use in courtyards and private residences.

However, pedestal systems are not appropriate for installation in areas requiring access for vehicular traffic, or heavy machinery such as forklifts and scissor lifts. We strongly recommend installing paving on a solid base for these applications.

Cutting of Pedestal Pavers

To complete a pedestal paver installation, the pedestal pavers at the edge of the paved surface usually need to be cut to fit. As this process exposes the internal steel reinforcement embedded within the pedestal paver, it is highly recommended that the exposed steel wire in the cut edges of the paver is treated with a waterproofing agent to seal the steel, preventing rust from occurring. A product we recommend for this application is Mapelastic Smart by Mapei.

Pods for Pedestal Systems

Anston does not manufacture or supply the pedestal supports (pods) used in a pedestal system. If you’re looking for a suitable product, we recommend the Buzon height-adjustable range of pedestals which is available from Pasco Construction Solutions.

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It is clear that pedestal systems provide a range of benefits to installers as well as end users. If you’d like to learn more about pedestal paving or pedestal systems, consult with our experts at Anston for more information. We source only the highest quality raw materials to create our reinforced pedestal pavers.

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