Ironstone Exposed Aggregate Pavers

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Anston Architectural Products offers a beautiful suite of exposed aggregate concrete pavers, also known as our Ironstone Range

The original four Ironstone colours were removed from the Anston range in early 2018 due to decreasing supply of raw stone materials. Three of the original Ironstone base colours have been retained, and their mix designs refined and improved for the 2019 relaunch.

The re-invigorated Ironstone aggregate paver range is now available in six luscious colours, reflecting cool and warm earthy tones in a natural palette. All six mix designs are carefully engineered using local sands and stones, producing premium exposed aggregate pavers that meet and exceed the breaking load and slip resistance requirements of the current Australian Standard. Explore our range of aggregate concrete pavers now.

What’s so good about exposed aggregate pavers, anyway?

We have found that designers are specifying aggregate concrete pavers more often for commercial applications, or situations where paved areas will be subjected to frequent use. Exposed aggregate pavers add detail and intrigue to a paving layout, and also tend to be more forgiving as they mask the appearance of stains and blemishes.

When it comes to designer pavers, the ideal product is something that is long-lasting and enhances the look of your space at the same time. With aggregate concrete pavers, you will get a durable, slip-resistant surface that also offers a beautiful aesthetic finish. Regardless of the harsh weather and external conditions, the exposed aggregate concrete pavers will provide great performance for many years to come.

Exposed aggregate concrete pavers can be used for outdoor applications. They instantly enhance the appearance of any space and also offer easy installation.

Key Features:

  • Offers a distinctive and unique finish
  • Available in a generous selection of sizes
  • Easy to install in a number of paving configurations
  • Excellent textural finish that is forgiving to stains

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pavers

We excel in providing high-quality aggregate concrete pavers for both residential and commercial projects. With years of experience in the landscaping industry, we have great faith in our production process and ensure our services are reliable, prompt and help you achieve project completion within your required timeline.

The aggregate paver is a highly popular option among homeowners due to its high endurance and durability. The pavers are easy to install and remove. You can replace a broken paver without affecting the others.

Our range of exposed aggregate concrete pavers is sustainably manufactured with 100% Australian materials. Select the paving colour and design of your choice and we will handle the rest.

Talk to one of our expert team members to find out more about exposed aggregate concrete pavers and get started today.

Want to view the Ironstone range in person? Request a sample pack by contacting the Anston team.

Not so keen on the aggregate concrete paver look? View the rest of our paving range here.

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