Why Locally Made Australian Stone is the Sustainable Choice

Whichever way you look at it, the production of any materials – whether natural or man-made, imported or locally sourced, new or recycled – all come at some cost to the environment. When selecting a paving material from the vast array of products on the market, it’s important to feel confident you’re making an informed decision about every aspect of that product, and not just one based on aesthetics or cost alone.

One of the pillars of any manufacturer should be a respect for the environment and the long term sustainability of the resources used in their production process. That includes a respect for our own local environment and that of others, both interstate and overseas. It also includes a respect for the impact that production has on local and foreign resources, including the communities involved, at every stage of the process.

As you’re aware, there’s often something of an inverse relationship between the purchase price of materials and their environmental consequences.

That is, the greater the impact on the environment, the lower the price to purchase the material (and, unfortunately, the opposite also seems to be true).

So, where is the balance? How can you be sure the material you’re selecting is a sustainable one and considerate of the environment? At what point does this no longer represent value for money?

In this article we’re going to help you to understand the various aspects of Anston’s production processes, as they relate to our own commitment to these issues.  By presenting the practices we’ve adopted to be environmentally responsible, we hope you’ll agree with us that – all things considered – Australian made engineered and natural stone is the environmental choice.



Wherever possible, all the materials which constitute our products are sourced from local suppliers here in Australia. This means the time and embodied energy required to deliver materials to our factory are kept to a minimum.



A great deal of the aggregate used in our products is comprised of locally sourced natural stone (such as the Black Granite in our Granite Range and the Quartz in our Traditional Range). We support suppliers of Australian natural stone and seek to collaborate with them at every opportunity.  That’s because locally sourced stone is more acceptable than imported stone, from both an environmental and sustainability standpoint.

In Australia, the mining of natural stone is regulated, and cannot be undertaken outside the strict guidelines imposed on the industry. Local stone also travels shorter distances to its destination which means significantly lower carbon emissions.



There are numerous practices we have introduced at our facility explicitly for the purpose of reducing our impact on the environment.

A great example of this is the incorporation of natural lighting in both our production facility and offices. Natural light not only reduces the use of electricity, it also offers a better working environment for our employees. We also use recycled water as much as possible during production, and recycle as much of our waste materials as possible.

Technological advances in the various types of equipment use to produce our pavers is increasingly moving Anston toward a “closed loop” production process.

Our production line is geared for small batch processing; in fact, Anston’s minimum order quantities are extraordinarily low for a paving manufacturer. While this is primarily for the convenience of our customers, this level of efficiency means we’re not over-producing stock which must then be stored on site.

Furthermore, our ‘employ locally’ approach to hiring staff means we have fewer staff travelling fewer kilometres to work each day, further cutting Anston’s contribution to carbon emissions.



Sustainability goes hand in hand with any conversation about the environment. In addition to the sustainability of our production processes, Anston is also considerate of the ongoing impact we have on the broader community.

As an Australian owned and operated business, Anston brings positive benefits to our customers through our products, but also to our employees and suppliers. When you purchase Anston’s Australian made stone, you are not only supporting a local business, but also the families of our staff, along with the other businesses we work with. This includes material suppliers, freight companies and the various service businesses we engage to stay in operation.



Our commitment to supplying a product that is sustainable in its production, incredibly long lasting and durable, totally recyclable and has minimal impact on our country’s carbon emissions is genuine and ongoing.

At the same time, we know that as a homeowner, contractor or specifier, it’s very important to you that our products look fantastic and fit within your budget too. The balance between all these factors is really subjective and down to the individual.

While we can’t make your decision for you, we think it’s vital that you consider the environment and the sustainability of the products you select in addition to aesthetics and cost.

Whether it’s a bag of oranges, a new shirt, or the pavers for your backyard, we share your sentiment to buy ‘environmentally conscious’ Australian made products.

Choosing Anston’s engineered paving stone is certainly the environmental choice. It’s also the sustainable choice; supporting local businesses and the people that form our great community.

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