The Modern Outdoor Concrete Furniture Trend

Modern concrete furniture is trending on Instagram and making a huge impact on global design trends. Architects, style gurus and decorators are getting on board with this modern classic on an international scale. Part of the reason is that outdoor concrete furniture is not only functional, but it’s also easy maintenance and built to last. What we’re seeing is that urbanites are taking their love for outdoor spaces to the next level by incorporating concrete furniture into their home design. The cool thing about this trend is that it works for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Concrete can be used in various ways – from designer accents to fully functioning pieces of furniture. Users can experiment with different textures and finishes to find something that perfectly fits the space they want to rejuvenate.

Concrete furniture adds an edgy style to any outdoor space or home accent. Find out how this trend can add some inspiration to your own home!

What’s so great about concrete furniture?

Concrete is a durable, long-lasting material that withstands harsh weather conditions, erosion, deterioration, rot and rust, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. The smooth texture of concrete makes it easy to clean, while the variety of colours and finishes allows you to customise the look to fit the style of your home.

Concrete furniture in Melbourne can be used for all sorts of spaces, including residential and commercial applications. Custom concrete furniture offers designers the chance to create a unique statement piece to leave a lasting impression.

Where can you use concrete furniture?

Due to its sheer weight, concrete furniture is commonly used in an outdoor setting. However, concrete can also be used to create seating areas or feature pieces indoors. It is a strong, durable material that performs exceptionally for many years, and develops a natural patina over time.

To create a modern seating area, you can use concrete furniture to create distinctive functional pieces. Many styles of concrete furniture can be used for outdoor seating.

Which products come in concrete?

Concrete is a versatile material used to create almost any product. You can use it to make chairs, tables, planters, and even sculptures.

Many concrete product options are available for customisation, letting you personalise your design and create something unique.

If you want to create a modern outdoor space, concrete can be used to construct sturdy outdoor tables. You can also use concrete to create an indoor table with a modern, industrial look. Otherwise, you can also create a chic look by adding a smooth concrete table-top to existing outdoor furniture (providing it can withstand the added weight), creating a nice design feature that is also incredibly resistant to wear and tear.

Concrete benches are also a great way to add extra seating to your outdoor space. They also look stylish when used indoors, next to a windowsill or underneath a bookshelf. You can use concrete to create a bench that expresses a sense of modern, industrial design.

Create a unique seating area in your backyard or garden with a concrete seat! These pieces are very versatile and can be used in various settings.

Add some greenery to your home and create a stylish concrete planter. These can be used indoors or outdoors and are a great way to add some colour and texture to your space.

Why is concrete furniture a trend right now?

Concrete is a sustainable material that can be recycled or reused. It can withstand water, and it is easy to clean. It is an excellent option for outdoor furniture. Concrete furniture in Melbourne is unique and modern, making it a perfect choice for stylish outdoor spaces.

Outside the home, concrete is the understated star of design. It is the material you do not necessarily notice right away, but when you take a closer look, you’ll realise that concrete is everywhere, from hanging garden planters to decking walkways to patio furniture. Concrete is a modern classic and can transform any space with ease. Whether you select smooth or textured options, the versatility of concrete will create the perfect backdrop for your other décor, giving life to your selection of indoor and outdoor plants. The possibilities are endless when you introducee versatile concrete into your home or garden.

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