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Redeveloping Waymouth Street

The City of Adelaide and its residents take outdoor dining very seriously. With its often-idyllic climate, the streets of Adelaide are lined with restaurants and cafes whose diners spill out onto the footpath to enjoy their food in the sunshine.

The recent Waymouth Street Footpath Redevelopment is testament to this foodie culture. Earlier this year, damaged and unsightly concrete flagstones were dug up and replaced with expertly-installed Anston Mimosa Granite pavers, laid over a widened footpath to allow space for outdoor dining and street trees. The restauranteurs along Waymouth Street are rejoicing in their rejuvenated dining strip; an elegant, inviting and functional space that livens up the atmosphere along the entire streetscape.

The City of Adelaide and its Landscape Architects took great care in selecting the materials for the upgrade of Waymouth Street. Years of planning and detailed research resulted in the final specification. The Council was careful to ensure that the selected pavers met or exceeded a range of essential criteria: consistency of colour, slip resistance, Breaking Load, accelerated wear and DDA compliance.

After much deliberation, Anston Architectural’s Granite Range Mimosa paver in a 900x600x68mm format size was chosen as the most suitable product for this project.

Headed by the City of Adelaide, the project management team worked tirelessly to ensure that each small detail of the final pavement structure was carefully considered, right down to the grout selection (Mapei Anthracite 114, chosen in consultation with Anston) and the concrete collars surrounding the utility pit lids, which were engineered to match the Anston pavers in texture and colour.

The key stakeholders who were dedicated to ensuring a successful outcome on this high-profile project were the City of Adelaide, principal contractor Kent Civil, paving contractor Space Landscape Construction, paving manufacturer Anston Architectural and grout and bedding system specialist Mapei.

“The collaboration and on-going co-operation between all parties was instrumental in delivering the final outcome – a great public space delivered on time and on budget.”

– Beth Davidson-Park, City of Adelaide

The paving crew from Space Landscape Construction, headed by Project Manager David Packer and supervised by Space’s Managing Director Heath Cotter, spent time with John Francis, State Manager of Mapei, reinforcing best practice in their installation techniques before the project began.

David and his team worked hard to ensure that the specification for the bedding system was followed to the letter, despite facing inclement weather and delays on site. Principal contractor Kent Civil praised the efforts of the Space Landscape Construction team.

“The paving was a particularly challenging component of the works, which required both a high attention to detail and a flexible approach to the program.”

– Mark West, Kent Civil

The end result of the Waymouth Street footpath redevelopment is a streetscape that all parties and residents of Adelaide can be very proud of. The success of this project demonstrates the importance of teamwork, the implementation of best practice systems, attention to detail and above all, the selection of high-quality materials.

“The quality of the build, both on the surface and underground, is outstanding; attention to detail was a strong focus which has ensured the highest quality outcome.”

– Beth Davidson-Park, City of Adelaide

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