Willyaroo Residence, SA

By Virginia Kennett, Landscape Designer

About an hour southeast of Adelaide, the small, serene town of Willyaroo offers acres of open, vacant land for homeowners to build their dream residence.

An expansive 3.5-acre property in this town was set for transformation, with a landscape makeover designed by Virginia Kennett and constructed by Hills Sustainable Gardens. The extensive scope of works included relocation of the existing driveway, drainage levelling and earthworks, hardscape construction in designated outdoor areas, and establishment of new plantings for the spacious garden beds.

Surrounding the home and throughout the paved areas in the landscape, Anston concrete pavers in the custom colour Murray Creswick were utilised to bring warmth and solidarity to the outdoor walkways. The custom mix design builds upon the standard Murray base as a foundation and introduces large pieces of exposed mineral aggregate to add a subtle visual feature.

Matching the Murray Creswick square edge pool coping around the pool, the paved areas are constructed in an ashlar pattern which adds another layer of design complexity and beauty, ensuring the large expanse of paving is not seen as repetitive.

Anston RESID VirginiaKennett1

Virginia Kennett

Virginia Kennett is regarded as South Australia’s most accomplished landscape designer. Responsible for originally introducing Anston to the Adelaide market, Virginia visited the Anston factory in Melbourne close to 15 years ago, carrying samples back home to use for specification in her clients’ gardens. Since then, we have built many stunning landscapes with Virginia.

Willyaroo, SA

Virginia Kennett, Landscape Designer

Hills Sustainable Landscaping

Ashlar Paving, Square Edge Pool Coping

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Murray, Custom

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