Welcome Garden, MIFGS 2019

By Mark Browning Design, Landscape Designer

During the five-day extravaganza that was the 2019 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, the Welcome Garden by Mark Browning Design played a big part in engaging show-goers with its creative blend of architectural materials and natural greenery.

Placed centrally at the main entrance to the Show, the Welcome Garden provided an open, inviting space that celebrated the synergy of organic and manmade elements that were used together. Being the only show garden where public entry was permitted, it gave visitors an experiential adventure as they were able to interact with the unique tactile features and marvel at the beauty of the stunning plants and materials on display.

The Welcome Garden was a great success, thanks to Mark Browning’s thoughtful design and the support of several contributors, including:

Anston / SVC Products: Architectural concrete paving, planters, furniture and features
Porta Timber: Cumaru hardwood decking, posts and beams
Kaynemaile: Architectural mesh shading and screens
Lump Sculpture Studio: Faceted steel structures
Warners Nurseries: Live greenery
Gardens at Night: Spot and outdoor lighting

“The Welcome Garden has been designed with interaction at its core… it doubles as a place for show-goers to interact with the landscape as well as providing a forum for outdoor presentations, talks and activities at the show.”

Mark Browning, Landscape Designer

Mark Browning

Mark Browning Design


Mark Browning Landscape Design is an award-winning landscape design studio with a strong belief in the core philosophy of utilising natural materials and sustainable planting. Every garden design is an artistic collaboration of both hard and soft landscape materials, balancing aesthetics with nature to bring forth the natural wonders and beauty of an entire landscape.

Carlton Gardens, VIC

Mark Browning Design, Landscape Designer


Concrete Paving, Circular Planters, Spheres, Block bench seats

Product Colour/s
Mimosa, Ivory, Alloy

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