Waymouth Street Footpath Redevelopment

By City of Adelaide, Landscape Architect

The Adelaide City Council spent more than 4 years researching paver types and bedding systems before finally selecting Anston’s Mimosa concrete paver, to be installed using a Mapei-specified wet lay bedding system as the best solution for the prominent Waymouth Street footpath development.

Years before Waymouth Street Footpath Redevelopment began, a small test panel was installed in the Council depot in North Adelaide. Several paver and kerbing types were lined up next to each other to assess their suitability for a city streetscape. The Council was careful to ensure that the selected pavers met or exceeded a range of important criteria: consistency of colour, slip resistance, breaking load, accelerated wear and DDA compliance. After much research, Anston’s Mimosa paver was chosen as the most suitable product for this project.

All eyes in the Council were focused on this new paving system, which could become the blueprint for other key streetscape redevelopments throughout the city. Every little detail was carefully considered, from the grout colour (Mapei Anthracite 114, chosen in consultation with Anston) to the concrete collars surrounding the utility pit lids, which were engineered to match the Anston pavers in texture and colour.

The paving crew from Space Landscape Construction, headed by Project Manager David Packer and supervised by Space’s Managing Director Heath Cotter, spent time with John Francis, State Manager of Mapei, learning the bedding system and the installation technique before the project began. Once trained in the correct laying techniques, David and his team worked hard to ensure that the specification was followed to the letter despite facing inclement weather and delays due to other trades on site.

“Collaboration was the key to success on this project. All parties involved worked together to achieve the best outcome.”

John Francis, Mapei

The end result is a streetscape all parties can be very proud of. The success of this project demonstrates the importance of teamwork, the implementation of best practice systems, attention to detail and above all the selection of high-quality materials.

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