Woodside Residence

By Virginia Kennett, Landscape Designer

Considered the Paul Bangay of South Australia, Virginia Kennett’s talents are in high demand.

Virginia is responsible for first introducing the Anston product to the Adelaide market after she made a trip to Melbourne to track down the Anston factory back in the early 2000s.  Since then, she has designed Anston’s pavers into many of her elegant landscapes.

True to her modest nature, Virginia insisted that the custom colour created specifically for this project retain its technical name, ‘SMC4’ despite Anston suggesting it be dubbed ‘Virginia’ or ‘Kennett Creswick’.  Look out for a cameo from Brownie the dog in the gallery images.

“Virginia worked with us to create a custom paving colour to complement her preferred hardscape palette.”

Bruce Grogan, Anston Architectural Products

Anston RESID VirginiaKennett1

Virginia Kennett

Virginia Kennett is regarded as South Australia’s most accomplished landscape designer. Responsible for originally introducing Anston to the Adelaide market, Virginia visited the Anston factory in Melbourne close to 15 years ago, carrying samples back home to use for specification in her clients’ gardens. Since then, we have built many stunning landscapes with Virginia.

Woodside, SA

Virginia Kennett, Landscape Designer


Custom Coloured Paving, Bullnose Pool Coping, Bullnose Steps

Product Colour/s

Sam Roberts

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