Viewbank Residence Entryway

By Anston Architectural Products

Large-format concrete steppers create an impressive entryway of floating steps, leading visitors up into a modern private residence in Viewbank, Victoria.

Constructed from nine separate precast units, the steppers feature a shot-blasted finish on the top and edge surfaces, revealing a subtle glimmer of Australian black granite throughout the textured concrete. Each stepper was installed with a slight overhang, creating a shadow line between each level to evoke a feeling of lightness despite the sheer size and weight of each piece. Layers of lawn and silvery green low foliage soften the crisp edges of the large-format steppers, striking a balance between organic and manmade elements in the front garden.

By opting for prefabricated concrete steppers, the client was able to cut down significantly on installation time, as there was no time required for the construction of formwork, pouring or curing of concrete. The steppers were produced in the controlled environment of the Anston factory and delivered to site once ready. Installation involved crane-lifting each finished unit into place onto a layer of tiling adhesive pre-coated on the structure beneath, and the works were easily completed on the same day as delivery.

Viewbank, VIC

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