South Yarra Residence

By Zig Inge Group, Property Developer

A large expanse of paving, featuring the cool grey tones of Anston Newham, wraps around this impressive residence in South Yarra.

A matching concrete sphere installed on a raised pedestal marks the entrance to the private front garden, where bands of concrete paving lead to the front doorway. Bypassing entry to the house, visitors can make their way around the northern perimeter, next to a slimline lap pool, which brings them to an elevated outdoor dining area at the rear of the property, which boasts clear views of the city in the distance.

The designers opted to use a pedestal paving system on the raised terrace, which involved placement of the reinforced pavers on small pedestals instead of fixing them to a rigid base. This paving method allows easy access to services beneath the pavement, and has an additional benefit of an impeccably neat, clean visual finish due to the absence of grout.

Zig Inge Group

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South Yarra, VIC

Zig Inge Group, Property Developer

Zig Inge Group

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