Salesian College

By MDG, Landscape Architects

MDG dramatically reconfigured this pivotal space for Salesian College, providing connectivity to other areas of the campus and encouraging students to congregate in this central core.

Strikingly organic forms within the main College quadrangle are devised from custom Anston blocks, creating a bold 3-dimensional entity. Shapes appear to snake and straighten across the spaces and accentuate significant level changes, whilst providing informal seating spaces, informal theatrical stages and gathering plazas.

“The Bosco Plaza redevelopment’s purpose was to transform the existing courtyard into an open oasis for students to relax and enjoy the school environment, whilst also improving movement of students and access to sporting facilities.”

Warrandale Industries

The successful integration of human activity and environmental sensitivity ensures each project has a distinctive identity and sense of place. MDG aim to create dynamic and functional solutions of the highest quality.  They translate that insight into design outcomes which are imaginative, engaging and functional, as well as being environmentally responsible.

Chadstone, VIC

MDG, Landscape Architects

Warrandale Industries

Custom Curved Dropdowns, Paving, Dropdown Step Coping

Product Colour/s

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