‘Pipe Dream’

By Alison Douglas, Landscape Designer

In her debut Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, innovative designer Alison Douglas scooped the pool in the Boutique Gardens competition, winning first prize along with the admiration of the public and her colleagues.

The meditation moon gate/day bed, reflective water feature and fire pit are all created from concrete pipes.  Concrete was chosen as a feature material to reference the ‘concrete jungle’ we inhabit, also used in the individual steppers crossing through the garden.

Pipe Dream has a blue/green colour palette with lime green highlights.  The plants have been chosen to create an all-season garden which will hold its colour, shape and texture all year round.  Pipe Dream is a place to stop, meditate, reflect and breathe. As this is easier said than done; one might call it a ‘Pipe Dream’.

“PIPE DREAM is a hidden oasis in our busy city, designed as an antidote to our epidemic of being time poor.”

Alison Douglas, Landscape Designer

Alison Douglas Square Crop

Alison Douglas


Alison Douglas has a multi-disciplinary design background. With studies in Industrial Design, Garden Design and experience in other design fields, Alison is now satisfying her love of landscape design, sustainability and plants.  Alison thrives on challenging sites and smaller spaces and is passionate about the finer details.

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2015

Alison Douglas, Landscape Designer

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