Parkdale Pool

By Steve Taylor, COS Design

High-quality architectural materials and an inspired plant palette are sewn together with effective design in this residential poolscape.

The path from the home to the rear courtyard culminates at an elevated pool that appears to be floating over the adjacent lawn and garden bed. Perfectly placed outside the indoor living area with a strong visual connection afforded by floor to ceiling glass windows, the pool and its adjoining timber sun deck successfully invoke the exciting atmosphere of summer holidays and poolside fun.

The majority of hardscaping elements around the pool were produced in the suitably apt colour choice of Anston Bondi, featured in the paving, dropdown pool coping and cladding on the pool’s feature wall. A number of cladding pieces in a differing colour, Bone (from Anston’s Ironstone Range) are distributed among the pool edge and feature wall to add subtle points of difference in the design.

Portrait 3

Steve Taylor


COS Design was formed in early 2000 and has since become one of the country’s most highly regarded and awarded design companies. Steve and his team specialize in a professional design process from consultation to concept plans through to part or full working drawings, 3D modelling, tender management and contract admin/project management services.

Parkdale, VIC

Steve Taylor, COS Design

Kiama Landscapes

Paving, Pool Coping, Cladding

Product Colour/s
Bondi, Bone

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