Outdoor Design Junction, SPASA 2018

By Justine Carlile, Landscape Designer

Introduced at the 2018 Melbourne Pool & Spa Expo, Outdoor Design Junction is the marriage of high-end design and premium architectural materials to create an inspiring, interactive show garden.

Landscape designer Justine Carlile crafted a design concept incorporating various different materials that worked in harmony to present an open, engaging garden that welcomed expo visitors. Heralding the entry to the garden, two towering bay trees, housed in large-format circular concrete planters, are followed by free-standing boards displaying supplier images and information.

Further into the space, a pathway of staggered Anston Mimosa steppers leads showgoers into the garden, passing through two generous seating areas with custom benches made from gabion baskets and timber benchtops. A structured timber pergola and paved seating area overlook a gleamingly white pool, flanked on either side by faceted steel structures that add drama and flair.

The show-stopping pool stands out in its brilliance, decked out in pearl-white pool tiles and dropdown pool coping in Anston’s White Vega mix. A central waterfall feature adds the perfect touch of elegance, while lush foliage wrapping around the perimeter of the garden provides a natural, organic element that ties everything together.

Construction of this impressive garden was carried out over a short timeframe by Coolabah Landscapes.

Justine Carlile

Justine Carlile


Justine Carlile LANDSCAPEdesign offers tailored, conceptual landscape design that results in gardens and outdoor spaces designed to be enjoyed, admired and lived in. Justine’s wealth of experience and her passion for beautiful design helps her create innovative landscapes that merge clients’ ideas and lifestyle with functionality and creativity.

Melbourne, VIC

Justine Carlile, Landscape Designer

Coolabah Landscapes

Paving, Dropdown Pool Coping, Planters

Product Colour/s
Mimosa, Vega

Patrick Redmond

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