Mosman Residence

By Stark Design, Interior & Exterior Designer

The successful transformation of a dark and narrow entry space into a living, sculptural roof garden earned Stark Design two Gold awards for Plantscape Design and Residential Design at the 2019 AILDM National Design Awards.

Given the hot, harsh environment and allowances for only shallow beds of soil, the planting design could only accommodate native and succulent plant choices. Despite these constraints, the resulting garden has been filled with a bold, mesmerising plant palette, featuring small shrubbery as well as large bottle trees to create a balanced composition. The softness of the plantings is balanced with structural forms via rectilinear planter boxes, large floating concrete step treads and a pathway of paving steppers guiding visitors through the space.

Construction was completed by landscape contractor Rhystyled Gardens. The impeccable details of this beautiful garden have garnered much admiration from many in the landscape industry.

As a design practice, Stark Design treats indoor and outdoor spaces with equal affection.  Specialising in designing both residential interiors and gardens, spaces are treated as a unified whole, contributing to a seamless, integrated design aesthetic that applied to both the inside and outside of a home.

Mosman, NSW

Stark Design, Interior & Exterior Designer

Rhystyled Gardens

Paving, Large Format Step Coping

Product Colour/s

Brigid Arnott

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