Malvern Residence

By Outset Design, Builder &Burnett Frost Design

Located on one of Adelaide’s most iconic streets, this home was desperately in need of some love and had not been touched in over 40 years.

Outset Design was engaged to renovate and extend this elegant villa, working in partnership with Robyn Frost of Burnett Frost Design. Originally resembling a house from a horror film, the builder’s first task was to unmask the inner beauty of the villa.

The contemporary extension contains additional bedrooms, laundry, gym, a large open plan kitchen, dining and living space with seamless access to the outdoor entertaining area and pool via large sliding glass doors. High-level windows allow natural light to fill the living areas while the stone fireplace provides a reminder of the history of the original building.

Reworking the existing part of the home had its challenges, however, Outset Design could not be happier with the result and neither could their clients.

outset design

Outset Design


Established in 1991, Outset Design is a multifaceted design and construction company with a focus on original design and modern function. The company prides itself on incorporating environmental principles into all projects, considering factors such as orientation, natural lighting, ventilation, insulation, shading, material selection and water usage fundamental in achieving energy-efficient and responsible design.

Malvern, SA

Outset Design, Builder &Burnett Frost Design

Outset Design

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