Lonicera + Bondi Steps

By Paul Bangay, Landscape Designer

A typically formal, strikingly elegant Paul Bangay landscape design.

The standout feature of this garden is Paul’s signature staircase, created by layering Traditional Range Bondi Square Edge step coping units with lush green Lonicera Nitida.

“I have been using Anston Pavers for over 15 years. They have consistently suited both the practical challenges and the design requirements of my gardens.”

Paul Bangay, Landscape Designer

Paul Bangay

Paul Bangay


For 25 years Paul Bangay has fulfilled his clients’ aspirations for gardens that are expressive of the timeless elegance and classic simplicity for which he is internationally renowned. Widely regarded as the foremost garden designer in Australia today, Bangay’s clients include a roster of the most prominent figures in business and culture.

Toorak, VIC

Paul Bangay, Landscape Designer

Paul Bangay Garden Design

Square Edge Step Coping, Square Edge Pool Coping, Paving

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