Geelong Waterfront Spheres

By City of Greater Geelong Council, Landscape Architect

Distinctive concrete spheres, fitted with LED light strips, have become a standout feature of the Geelong waterfront.

The Geelong City Council approached Anston to manufacture these unique light features to line the pedestrian walkway alongside the Edgewater Apartments near Steampacket Gardens along the Geelong waterfront.

We used our engineering capabilities to work out how to fit the LED strip and conduits, and to allow for easy installation on site.  The weight of each sphere is 260kg, making them extremely difficult to vandalise.

“The Geelong city area has been recently rejuvenated to help complement our magnificent waterfront. The streets have all been paved with wide pedestrian walkways and are beautifully planted. New street furniture, artworks and lots of new commercial and retail investment have made central Geelong a vibrant and exciting city.”


City of Greater Geelong Council


The City of Greater Geelong employs landscape architects to design outdoor spaces that become a part of Geelong’s public realm.

Steampacket Gardens, Geelong

City of Greater Geelong Council, Landscape Architect

City of Greater Geelong Council

600mm diameter Spheres fitted with LED Light Strips

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