By Nathan Burkett, Landscape Architect

Nathan Burkett Design and Oak Landscapes presented an extremely elegant and photogenic first offering at their debut Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, 2015.

Featuring a vast array of Anston products, this garden is the perfect example of Nathan’s love of clean lines, combined with his exceptional ability to balance colours, textures and materials in the most sophisticated manner. Anston items featured include 1200x600mm paving, custom 500x100mm herringbone pattern paving, a custom U-shaped bench seat doubling as firewood storage, cantilevered steps and custom-sized blocks for the water feature spouts within the Bisazza mosaic-tiled pond.

This garden won both a Gold Medal and the Mark Bence Construction Award, as well as much public accolade and social media posting!

“The concept for this garden came from the name ‘Equilibrium’…Balance of symmetry, of hard and soft surfaces, of warmth and coolness, of formality and informality.”

Nathan Burkett, Landscape Architect

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Nathan Burkett


Nathan Burkett is an award winning landscape architect specialising in innovative landscape design and quality landscape garden construction.

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2015

Nathan Burkett, Landscape Architect

Oak Landscapes

Paving, Custom U-Shaped Bench Seat, Water Feature Blocks, Cantilevered Steps

Product Colour/s

John Wheatley from UA Creative

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