Elwood Pool & Garden

By KPLA, Landscape Architecture Studio

The highlight of this suburban residential courtyard is a stunning pool, characterised by its chunky pool edge achieved with Anston 100mm dropdown pool coping.

Landscape architect Kate Patterson selected a sleek monochromatic palette for the architectural materials in her design, creating a noticeable colour contrast of rigid grey and black structural elements against the soft, bright greenery of the plantings integrated throughout the landscape.

The result is a contemporary modern design balanced with soft touches of nature, providing a stylish yet comforting garden and poolscape that serves as a private sanctuary.

Kate Patterson is a Melbourne-based landscape architect. Specialising in pool design that integrates holistically with its landscape, Kate suggests that one of a pool’s main appeals is its ability to offer meaningful social connection.

Elwood, VIC

KPLA, Landscape Architecture Studio

Bayside Pools and Paving

Paving, 100mm Dropdown Pool Coping

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