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A deserving winner of Best in Show at the 2013 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, Cube² is about reclaiming our diminishing garden space in the confines of the modern urban lifestyle, returning an emphasis to planting and the personal relationship between people and their private open space.

This is simply a beautiful landscape in which to sit and enjoy a meal with friends or family amidst a lush garden.  It is first and foremost a social hub consisting of a dining area and the spa area.  The close connection of these two areas is essential, allowing conversation between them to take place, encouraging personal interaction.

“Cube² is a contemporary garden designed for inner urban areas where space is at a premium for people who love and value spending time outdoors.”

Scott Wynd, TLC Pools

TLC Pools was born in 1992 out of a need to provide people with beautiful outdoor spaces in which family and friends can come together and enjoy their own personal open space.  Over the years, TLC Pools has designed and built some of Melbourne’s most unique and interesting landscapes and pools.

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2013

TLC Pools, Landscape Design & Construction House

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