Bigge Park, Liverpool

By Liverpool City Council, Municipality

Bigge Park is a long-established recreational hub in the heart of Liverpool, and has played host to many community activities since the late nineteenth century.

In 2018, the Liverpool City Council implemented an extensive redevelopment of the park precinct, with the intention to improve the existing facilities for public use. New amenities such as a free water play area, an outdoor gymnasium, an alfresco cafe and outdoor dining areas were introduced.

The north-eastern corner of the park required a new section of stairs to bridge the level gap between the park and footpath, opening up pedestrian access to the park. Anston’s Granite Mimosa mix, paired with Latham nosing in Sparkling Black, was selected for the production of several concrete stair treads, some rectilinear and some curved, used to create the curving stairway.

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council


The Liverpool City Council is responsible for serving the Regional City of Liverpool in New South Wales. The council employs landscape architects and planners responsible for the design and implementation of public and open spaces throughout the large municipality.

Liverpool, NSW

Liverpool City Council, Municipality

Growth Civil Landscapes

Curved and rectilinear Mimosa stair treads

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Kumayl Virjee

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