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How To Keep Your Pavers Looking Great

You’ve invested a whole lot of time and money into selecting the perfect paving solution for your landscape design. There were so many things to consider – colour, size, pattern, finish – but you got there. Finally, the installation is complete and your pavers look absolutely amazing.

That shouldn’t be the end of the story. No matter how good paving looks after installation, if it’s neglected and not properly cared for, the appearance of the paving will decline. In order to keep your pavers looking great, there are some important points to note.


Post installation, pavers should be cleaned with an acid wash solution.

The process of laying pavers is labour-intensive and involves the use of many different materials. It is typical for newly-laid pavers to have a fine layer of grout smear, dried cement markings and cementitious dust.

For this reason, it is critical that new paving is thoroughly cleaned with a light acid solution after installation. Acid washing helps to restore the pavers to their original state, and dissolves the remnants of cement and grout.


Water droplets on a sealed concrete surface.

If your pavers are installed in a location prone to food spills, dirt buildup or frequent foot or vehicle traffic, there is a strong case for sealing your pavers post installation. Although Anston products are designed to perform well without the need for sealant, the application of a good penetrating sealer will greatly contribute to stain resistance and the ease of ongoing maintenance.


Pavers with dirt and grime build-up

Generally, Anston paving products require minimal levels of care. In most cases, you can use a stiff broom followed by a high-pressure garden hose to clean the surface of the paving. To remove any oil or grease stains, you may need to use a specially formulated cleaning solution beforehand to break down the compounds (please consult us regarding an appropriate solution, as not all cleaners are suitable).

For stubborn stains that won’t go away, it’s best to employ the services of a professional. Experienced contractors have the expertise and proper cleaning equipment appropriate for each project. Not all stains are the same, and cleaning solutions are designated to counter specific substances. By using the wrong type of cleaner, you risk the possibility of causing irreparable damage to your paving.

Anston has worked with a number of professional contractors and can recommend a suitable contractor for you.


Before After web

The images above feature a paved courtyard with Anston paving that was installed over 7 years ago. Over time, the paving had accumulated a large build-up of dirt and grime, leaving the owner in despair.

Fortunately, the paving was soon restored to its former pristine glory, following a thorough clean by a professional contractor (Signature Property Maintenance). Needless to say, the client was over the moon!

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