There is more than meets the eye with charcoal-based Steel. It evokes memories of the night, with dark and light stones interspersed to create a dance of contrasting colours.


Ivory is the flagship paver of the Ironstone Range, featuring eclectic pops of colour from blue and brown stones. Ivory is often chosen for its light base but forgiving nature, due to its propensity to conceal blemishes and marks from on-site activity.


Flint exudes a stylish metallic vibe, with flecks of rust-coloured stone adding warmth to its cool demeanour. The mid-grey base pays tribute to stock-standard, no-nonsense concrete.


With subtle green undertones within its mostly neutral colour, Earth is a warm, hearty colour that blends seamlessly into the natural landscape.


Reminiscent of the natural warm tones found in the dry desert, Clay incorporates splashes of blue and brown rock within its russet base.


Featuring a cool white sand base with translucent pieces of white quartz, Bone is a stunning light-coloured paver that becomes more intriguing when you inspect the finer details.

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