By far our most popular colour, Vega is slick, refined and an overwhelming fan favourite in all product formats.


Favoured by landscape architect Nathan Burkett, Remi is Vega’s cooler cousin. With a light yellow base, it can polarise some people on first glance. In the right setting, however, Remi is the designer choice that can set your landscape design apart.


Orion is a deep, warm, chocolatey colour – the hot chocolate to Indi’s latte.


The darkest of all our 25 standard colours, Mimosa is Vega’s alter-ego. Whilst it is as dark as many natural stones, Mimosa will not get as hot underfoot in full sunlight as bluestone, slate or granite.


Indi is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to shy away from too light, too dark, too grey, too brown or too colourful pavers. It’s the in-between shade that is just right!


Atlas is our mid-grey colour, sitting in between Vega and Mimosa and providing the perfect solution for many of our clients searching for a subtle yet warm grey.

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