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Six Inspiring Applications for Custom Made Landscape Features

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re rather enthusiastic about pavers.  We’re even more passionate about the possibilities of custom made landscape features.

One of the best things about our job is the chance to get to know and work with some of the most talented, creative people in the country.  These amazing architects and designers give us the inspiration and motivation we crave to push the boundaries of landscape design and construction.  We love the fact we’re helping them to achieve new and exciting creations.  Every engineered paving stone we produce embodies that inspiration and is brought into reality by our precision technology and stringent quality control procedures.  Just as a designer is continually improving their craft, so too are we.  In this post, we’d like to share six inspiring applications of custom made architectural products that you may never have known were possible.


Have you avoided including curves in your design because they’re too difficult to install accurately and you’re worried it won’t end up looking exactly how you wanted it to?  You’re not alone.  One of the reasons curves have lost popularity over the past decade is quite simply because it’s a lot easier to stick to straight lines during the construction phase.

Well, thanks to our advanced production techniques, all that’s changed.  From a single repeated form (think fish scales or a wave pattern), to a series of individually customised units that come together in a sequence, if you can draw it, we can engineer it. In fact, even if you can’t draw it, our team are a pretty helpful bunch and will work with you to produce drawings for you.

Want to keep the number of joints to a minimum? We can do large format custom with a full dropdown edge giving you the kind of curve that’ll bring a tear to your eye.

Ian Barker Design MIFGS Granite Range Orion Custom Curved Coping Ashlar


Sometimes it just has to be a 1950’s mint green or the design won’t work.

If you feel your inner colour stylist is being oppressed by the limited selection of colours on the market, then get ready to be set free. Our custom paver colorisation system is now so advanced we can match any paint colour you may desire.

Yes. You read that correctly. Anston can match. Any. Paint. Colour.

I know, right?! This changes absolutely everything! Just have a look at this brilliant turquoise paver prepared wholly and solely for the talented folk at Phillip Withers Landscape Design.  Remember, it’s not just the top face that you can use, the entire paver is treated in the same way, so you can cut it and still reap the minty green benefits!

MIFGS 2014 Phillip Withers Landscape DesignMIFGS 2014 Phillip Withers Landscape Design - Flowers


Every designer loves a large format paver.  While they’re a backbreaking proposition to install, the end result is always something that everyone can feel proud of.  With fewer joints, large format paving stones remove visual clutter and can make a small space appear generous.

They’re also incredibly useful for creating the generous steps and landings that complement modern architecture so well.  All our paving stones are produced in a controlled environment so you can be sure each will turn out exactly as intended.

Custom made large format pavers like these give you the opportunity to avoid the risks, hassle and imperfections that may arise as a result of attempting to form and pour in situ concrete paving elements like steps and landings.

As you can probably imagine, there’s large format.. and then, there’s LARGE format.

In these examples we are most certainly referring to the latter.

portfolio-1MIFGS TLC Pools & Landscapes Granite Range Mimosa


For we love balls too.  Ha!

On a serious note, if it wasn’t for our amazing friends at the City of Greater Geelong, we wouldn’t have realised our passion or capacity to keep rolling these beauties out! (sorry couldn’t help myself).

As you can see, each sphere has also been integrated with a lighting system so they’re illuminated at night and yes, they’re perfectly capable of enduring the pressures of the public environment.

The process of producing one of these spherical forms is in itself, an interesting event.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

You might even see the opportunity (as the City of Melbourne did with their leaf detail spheres for Fawkner Park) to customize the surface or the colour for a unique touch.

Geelong City Council Spheres LED Lights Granite Range Mimosa (7)Geelong City Council Spheres LED Lights Granite Range Mimosa (18)Fawkner Park Granite Sphere Leaf Print (2) - Copy


Natural stone is well known for its durability and strength.  One of the downsides of natural stone is that it isn’t always consistent, and therefore not always reliable.  Historic geologic events that took place when the natural stone was created can produce undesirable inconsistencies within isolated sections of stone.  These may cause it to deteriorate, discolour, or otherwise perform differently than the stone around it.  In structural applications, this variation could be catastrophic; when the stone needs to perform consistently, engineered paving stone is definitely your best option.

Anston Architectural products can literally be customised to possess the structural properties needed to cope with even the most demanding conditions.  In many cases, engineered stone performs its structural functions so well, it actually simplifies the overall construction process.

Look closely at the pool coping between the pool and the glass entry gate on this Neptune Pools project.  Not only does it feature a beautiful rebate between the bridge and the pool coping, but the pavers that clad the bridge feature dropdowns on both sides and are supporting the fixings of the frameless glass fence!

Now, tell us that’s not impressive?!

Neptune Pools Traditional Range Bondi Custom Coping Drop Down (5)


Engineered stone is just that: purposefully engineered stone.  And, no one said engineered stone is limited to pavements.

If you need a material that is customisable in form, can be engineered to integrate with other technologies and can withstand the pressures of highly exposed environments, we’ve got you covered.

One of Melbourne’s premier design houses Lump Sculpture Studio worked with us to produce these playful stepping stones; fully interactive and designed to light up when touched.  If ever there was a time when flexibility was a key deciding factor in the material selection process, we think this might just be it!

Lump Sculpture Custom Made Steppers (2)Lump Sculpture Custom Made Steppers


Before you assume it can’t be done, remember to give us a call first.  Just like you, we believe every successful project starts with a conversation.  Have a chat to us about what it is you’re trying to achieve and you can be sure we’ll be doing our very best to help you get there.

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