Anston EcoPebble: Environmentally Sustainable Pavers

Move over Pebble Range – the new EcoPebble Range is here!

For months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to convert our popular Pebble Range pavers into an alternative EcoPebble option that reduces environmental impacts, uses repurposed materials and is less reliant on virgin raw materials  –
all while retaining all the strength, durability and aesthetic qualities of architectural concrete.

Here’s what you should know about Anston EcoPebble:

  • Contains a recycled plastic aggregate made from post-consumer waste, diverting hazardous soft plastics out of landfill and reducing consumption of natural stone;
  • Fewer carbon emissions due to a 20% replacement of cement with slag, a waste by-product of industrial steel production;
  • 50% reduction of virgin sand consumption, using manufactured quartz sand;
  • Manufactured with reclaimed rainwater collected on-site at our factory;
  • Compliant with Australian Standards for Breaking Load and Slip Resistance;
  • Can be crushed and recycled at end-of-life, supporting a circular economy.
What will happen to the existing Pebble Range?

The current Pebble Range will be discontinued and replaced with EcoPebble. However, the new EcoPebble colours (Char, Hearth, Alloy and Dune) are a very close match to their Pebble predecessors – new colour swatches will be published on our Colour Range webpage soon! For now, we’ll also continue to produce Pebble pavers for any current or ongoing projects.

What products will be available in the EcoPebble colours?

Our 4 EcoPebble mixes will be available across our entire suite of products, including paving, pool coping, reinforced pedestal paving, cladding and all landscape features including concrete benches and spheres.

How much will EcoPebble cost?

There will be no additional costs for EcoPebble! We’re thrilled to be able to offer the benefits of EcoPebble (reduced use of virgin raw materials, lower GHG emissions, use of recycled waste materials) at the same standard price.

When will EcoPebble be available to order?

As of 16 October 2023, EcoPebble is now live and available for new orders!

Click here to view the updated EcoPebble colour swatches (they’re rather similar to the previous Pebble swatches) or click the button below to learn more about this exciting new product.

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