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A Video Guide to Laying Pavers

Anston has partnered with landscape designer and TV presenter Anthony Scott (The Home Team, Channel Ten) to produce an easy-to-follow video guide demonstrating the best methodology for laying pavers.

Whether you are using concrete or natural stone products, common paving issues such as cracking, lifting or bowing can occur as a result of movement within the paving layout. This can be lateral movement through expansion and contraction (caused by temperature changes) or movement due to improper transfer of loads (caused by loose or de-bonded paving).

The main contributing factor to these scenarios is improper installation.

The video below showcases best practice techniques for the paving installation process. Using these tried and true methods will protect your paving installation from the get-go, which in turn will extend the life and appearance of your paving.

Please note: The video specifies that the concrete base should be set at 67mm below finished level – this is because the paving used in this particular installation is 40mm thick. When installing Anston pavers, which are 46mm, please set your concrete base at 73mm below finished level.

If you would like to access our installation instructions in a written format, please contact our sales team for a copy of the Anston Installation & Maintenance Guidelines.

Thank you to the contributors of this video:

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