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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Engineered Stone – But Should!

We’re so proud of our product and our team here at Anston that we can’t seem to wipe the grin off our faces!  I guess you could just call it a genuine passion for stone.

Engineered stone that is.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a natural stone alternative, there’s no doubt you’ll have noticed a significant increase in the variety of manufactured products now on the market.

They all have slightly different yet seemingly similar names and are slightly different yet somehow similar in price and appearance!  It’s understandably confusing at times.

So what makes Anston engineered stone different?  I guess the answer to that begs the question; “Besides appearance and cost, what else do you know about man-made stone?”

It may surprise you to know that over the past decade, we’ve made remarkable advances in paving technology (yes, I just used paving and technology in the same sentence).

Rather than continually producing completely new products and launching them as the next “big thing”, we’ve poured years of real world testing and development into refining the products we already have and the process we use to create them.  In that sense, the end result is not so much “man-made” as it is engineered, customisable stone designed and tested specifically to perform under a defined sets of circumstances.

Like a modern day car, Anston products are evolutionary; continually improving with technology and research that builds on the durability of the old model you first saw years ago.

And, like an evolving car, the latest model brings with it new features and benefits to improve the user experience.

In this article we’re going to share a few of the lesser known features and benefits of engineered stone that you might find pleasantly surprising.



You may laugh, but in the world of paving, surface etching and staining caused by acidic substances is a genuine cause for concern.  Accidentally drop a slice of tomato on natural bluestone pavers and the next morning you’ll find yourself stuck with a stain that is all but impossible to remove.

Engineered stone on the other hand has evolved not only to resist acid, but other food and chemical substances as well.  By refining the composition of materials that go into our products, we’re able to manufacture our pavers to offer improved resistance to chemicals without affecting their aesthetic appeal.

Sealed correctly at the time of installation, our pavers can stand up to red wine, fat and grease stains, salt and other chemicals.  A light acid wash is all it takes to bring our pavers back to their original best, saving you time, money and headaches.


This is certainly apparent on a blistering hot day in the middle of summer.

Neptune Pools Traditional Range Mixed Colours Square Edge Coping

Bluestone and the darker coloured granites are the worst offenders and many an egg has been fried just to prove the point.  Originally formed in the molten core of a volcano, it’s no wonder these dense types of stones hold their heat until well after the sun goes down too.

We’ve refined the blend of locally sourced materials that comprise our engineered stone pavers so our customers have a genuine alternative to heat-storing natural stone.  This means you can confidently install Anston pavers around swimming pools, outdoor entertaining areas and anywhere else that bare skin could be affected and save the sizzling for the barbecue.



Very few people realise it, but the premium pigments used in our products mean the sky (or “rainbow” in this case) is the limit when it comes to customising the colour of your pavers.  This is a huge advance in technology compared to the bright orange and yellow pavers you may have seen in the past.

If you’re bored with the typical range of colours on the market and looking for something different, you’ll be pleased to learn that our production technology allows for a lot more freedom when it comes to colour selection.


If it’s not the colour you wanted to change, but the size, then rest assured we can help you out on that front too. Anston engineered paving stone is able to be produced to just about any format and profile you can think of.

Curved oversize steps with a continuous Dropdown edge in fresh turquoise?

Coming right up!



When you choose Anston products, you are supporting a local Australian business that in turn supports local material suppliers, distributors and all their families too.  It’s no coincidence that we support local businesses; it’s a core value of our philosophy.

Speak with anyone from our team, and you’ll soon realise you’re dealing with real people who genuinely care about you, your project and our community.  We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that every customer who entrusts us with their investment has a positive experience, so that they’ll continue to support our local operation year after year.

Every material we use is sourced locally if available.  This means that our engineered concrete has a lower carbon footprint in comparison to most imported products.

Anston engineered concrete is made in Australia by local families with respect for our own environment and the environment of others.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel good?


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