Anston is a leading manufacturer of beautiful architectural concrete products for residential and commercial landscapes. Our team of experienced, dedicated staff work together to provide our clients with the highest quality engineered solutions that are the perfect combination of function and beauty.

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About Enviro

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We actively seek ethical sources for the raw materials we use, and our daily operations involve various practices to reuse, repurpose and recycle resources as much as possible.

All sand and stone materials used to create our products are sourced from local Australian quarries, greatly reducing the carbon footprint associated with imports and transportation. Our concrete mixes are composed of a minimum of 12% slag, a waste by-product of steel production which is harmful to the environment in its natural form.

Our History

Bruce Grogan and Ken Connor took the reins as the owners of Anston on 1 January 2001. Prior to this, the original Anston operation had been based out of an open shed with just two employees, some questionable lifting equipment and a mixing barrel on the back of an old concrete truck. Despite the serious quality control and OH&S issues, the pavers produced at the time were still a great-looking product demonstrating enormous potential.

About History

With Bruce and Ken at the helm, the Anston manufacturing operation was relocated to a controlled indoor environment. Qualified tradesmen were employed and proper procedures set into place. The Anston product was further refined and improved, slowly gaining traction in the local market with interstate orders boosting the brand’s exposure.

The following years saw two more factory relocations and the introduction of an in-house engineering facility, which allowed Anston to appeal to architects and designers who wanted to specify customised, bespoke products. During this period, Anston’s consistent focus on superb product quality and excellent customer service helped to slowly but surely establish a strong reputation in the landscape industry. The brand is now recognised as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of premium, locally crafted architectural concrete products.

A member of the SVC Group

In May 2017, Anston joined forces with SVC Products, a local precast concrete manufacturer with a strong background in civil construction, who was gradually expanding into the architectural industry.

This formidable partnership allowed Anston to scale up its operations and supply products to a wider array of residential and commercial projects, supported by SVC’s capacity for volume production and its expertise in the trade and commercial space. The acquisition of the premium Anston brand brought SVC a step closer to the lucrative architectural market, offering a broader scope of beautiful and functional product solutions suitable for many different applications.

The journey for both SVC and Anston is constantly evolving. We anticipate the excitement of new challenges and look forward to the years to come.

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